For some businesses, a lack of signage is intentional. The drinks industry is the perfect place to find examples of this: in London and other cities across the UK, "prohibition-style" bars exist without being clearly signposted on the exterior. Why? Because keeping their location hidden and relying on their customers to tell their friends about this cool hidden bar that they found adds an air of mystery that keeps new business coming through the doors.


Speakeasy Bars


Most businesses, though, would be foolish to operate without exterior signage to let people know that they're there. Would you trust a garage with no branding or company information outside, or would you set foot through the door of what looks like a restaurant, but - thanks to a lack of signage - could just be a private function at which you definitely won't be welcome?


Well-designed, strategically-placed signage is one of the first impressions that those who visit your premises will have of your brand. It'll let potential customers and visitors alike know who you are and what you're all about. It'll give you a chance to share your brand image with the local community, making your brand instantly recognisable when those who have seen your signage see your other marketing activity. It'll give you the chance to make your contact details - such as a telephone number, social media handle or website - easily visible, so that people can find out more information about what you do, without too much effort.


Exterior Business Signs


There are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate the perfect outdoor signage for your needs. Your main signage on the outside of your premises needs to be big and bold enough to suit the size of the building, in order that your message comes across as easily as possible. You could even consider monolith or totem signs - great for office blocks, industrial parks and other large premises, as they can easily be seen from a large distance.


Window graphics are a great way to make the best possible use of your exterior space, while projecting and hanging signs in addition to the main signage on the front of your building will mean that you'll be seen from a multitude of angles. If you want people to know who you are, what you do and how they can find out more, it's important to make sure that this information is clearly visible...unless you're a hidden cocktail bar, that is.