Illuminated signage is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to increase footfall and attract more new customers to your business. The urban metropolis can be swamped with seas of grey, especially over the UK winter months with its short days and minimal sunlight, can be a very difficult place to connect with and attract new customers.


illuminated sign


Illuminated signage provides an eye-catching platform to promote your business messages by creating an explosion of colour that contrasts from the greyness of urban life. There are a range of various technological solutions available: LED, Light-boxes, and Internally Illuminated, so its important to consult one of the many specialists in this area before investing in a sign.


The objective of an Illuminated sign is typically to maximise the contrast of the environment with the exposure of the signage, this helps the businesses promote their messages to customers beyond their local proximity allowing them to be seen from across the road or even from up the street, your sign will glow like a beacon.


If you are a footfall business operating in the hours of darkness - restaurants, bars, or late-night supermarkets - Illuminated Signage will deliver greater exposure, increase the size of your target market, and attract more customers, intrigued by your business thanks to your cool, edgy signage. The business case is simple enough: the cost of Illuminated signage will be paid back from the increase in profits and a stronger brand identity for any footfall business.