LED Video Wall

Fast becoming the preferred alternative to older LCD video walls, LED video walls are everywhere. Giant display screens in shops, road signs telling you how many parking spaces remain in town, and big screen outdoor entertainment are all practical applications for LED video walls. If you want to make a big deal of your display, you can’t beat the wow factor they give.


Benifits of using LED Displays

One area where LED has the advantage over LCD is its flexibility. If you’re absolutely certain that all the viewers of your video wall will be looking at it up close, and from the same angle, then you can get away with a cheaper LCD display. However, an LCD, if viewed at anything other than the intended angle, will simply show off its bezel. LED has a clear advantage, as it can be viewed from further away, doesn’t suffer from the glare of ambient lighting, and has the most flexibility in terms of design.


Flexible LED Displays

LED displays are also a literally flexible alternative. Interior curved walls aren’t a problem for LEDs, and you’ll frequently see LED displays used on TV to provide background displays, thanks to their better recreation of colour temperature. Clearly, the higher up the specification you go, the better the colour recreation, so it’s always worth speaking to someone with experience of LED walls to get first hand experience before you make your decision about which LED display brand to go for. You will find that contrast is better on an LED screen, as the liquid crystals found in an LCD can’t stop 100% of the light from the backlighting of the cold cathode, meaning a true, deep black is impossible. LEDs don’t need backlighting, so a genuine black isn't a problem.


Eco Freindly

You’ll also find that an LED is more economical to run. LCDs require cooling, meaning that a small fan is a crucial part of an LCD screen. As we all know, a fan is a very power hungry piece of kit. Eliminate the fan, and you bring operating costs right down. While you may pay out more for an LED, you should find running costs considerably cheaper in the long run.


As time goes by, LED video walls are definitely an evolving market. LEDs may not be as widely used as LCDs, but times are definitely changing. Thanks to the fantastic advances in LED technology, you won’t find a better display resolution on the market.