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At Complete Signage, we have the skills, experience and expertise to make any sign project come to fruition with ease. Starting with the conceptualisation phase, we work with our clients to ensure that their vision for their signage project becomes a reality.

Design & Planning

Project Management

When you're about to embark on a signage project, no mater how large or small, it's essential that you have the right signage partner to work with so that everything from design to execution is done in the most professional manner and to the highest of standards.

We advise on what type of materials are best suited to each environment, whether signage is to be placed outdoors and needs to be sturdy and resistant to different kinds of weather, or if it’s being designed for indoors. Having the right kinds of materials will ensure a high-quality finish and signage that lasts.

As essential as the design and choice of materials is the end product itself and how it’s installed at the location. We can survey sites and advise on the best position for outdoor and indoor signage, and when locations are agreed with our clients, it’s time for the critical stage of installation.

Our expert fitting engineers will work to ensure your complete signage project is installed to the highest of standards, making certain that the signs are placed where they should be – and that they stay there. During the life of our clients’ signs, we can carry out regular maintenance and repairs so that they’re looking their best, at all times.

Surveying, design and planning

Knowing where to place your signage is as important as devising the signs in the first place. After all the trouble you’ve gone to, you don’t want to put your signs in places that are hidden from view and few people will see them.

Firms want their outdoor signage to be bold and impactful. It tells the world where they are, and so needs to be in the best possible place.

At Complete Signage, we examine every aspect of a premises to determine where the best place is for signs, inside and outside the building. We can make suggestions as to positioning, and always listen to our clients’ desires.

We can advise on the most effective areas as well as parts of a premises that may not be suitable for signage, in particular large external signs in areas of the country that have regulations requiring that signage be understated and small. In such cases we can make recommendations for different designs.

Our surveys of buildings draws on our knowledge and expertise in the signage industry, to ensure our clients get maximum impact and results.

When it comes to signage, it pays to get the right advice, right from the start.