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Illuminated letters and logos

Face Lit Lettering

Illuminated Letters, Signs & Logos

This type of sign is extremely popular, particularly in the retail sector as it gives a dramatic, fun look to a logo. In essence, the logo, or company name, is the sign itself as the lettering is manufactured into the three-dimensional components of the sign and is lit internally by LED lighting. The letters are filled with light and glow with vibrancy and style.

LED Face lit signs can be made into any name or logo and although the LED lighting is in colours such as blue, green, red, amber and white, nearly any colour can be achieved by adding certain types of coloured film or acrylic.

Complete Signage can design and create LED face lit signs for your business that will be eye-catching and add an additional dynamic look to your premises. Simply tell us what you’d like it to be and we can come up with a range of options for you to choose from.


Back-lit Lettering (halo)

halo-lit illuminated letters

A stylish and impactful look for signs can be achieved with LED halo illuminated signs, used for anything ranging from corporate signage to retail branding.

The sign is made from the lettering of a company or band name, and can include logo designs. The LED lighting is installed inside the three-dimensional lettering and projects back onto the wall on which the sign is placed. This gives a halo-like glow around the edges of each letter and logo, highlighting each in a colours of your choosing. If colours other than the basic LED red, white, green, blue and amber are required, coloured film or acrylic can be placed on the back of the letting, between the lights and the wall.

To have you own LED halo illuminated sign, talk to us today at Complete Signage, and let us create a professional design using the best-quality materials that will enhance your business’ image.