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LED Factory & Production Signs

Communicating to large groups of employees concurrently in a concise and clear manner isn't easy, especially when they are spread around the work place or in a loud environment. The LED electronic signage range from Complete Signage ensures you have the means to get the message across effectively, whatever it may be.

Using programmable systems, our LED electronic signs have a range of means and methods to inform factory employees of performance statistics, announcements, production status and more.

When it comes to displaying output and performance, our LED electronic signs are commonly used to show business results; production numbers; units per minute; target comparisons, and time comparisons. In highly competitive sectors, being able to constantly update employees on performance levels can increase motivation, thereby leading to spikes in productivity.

Production in factories can be a complex process which heavily relies on the accurate relaying of information. The LED electronic signs we provide are used for the comparison of target and previous actuals with reject rates. They are perfect for notifying on state of alerts and other safety statuses, or showing the real time status of current jobs. All information is stored in the system's memory for future interrogation at the choosing of the operator.

In terms of announcements, LED electronic signs are an excellent method of ensuring factory-wide communication, especially in loud environments. Our units are commonly used by factory managers to display congratulation messages for top performers, remind employees about deadlines, notify employees on changes to work schedules, or for any announcement, be it unique or regular.

At Complete Signage we take pleasure in working with clients to ensure their LED display and signage requirements are met - call us today to see how we can provide the right solution for exactly what you need in your factory.