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LED Scoreboards

LED scoreboards provide an essential aspect of engagement when it comes to live sports events, delivering essential match facts to the crowd in an clear and concise fashion.

At Complete Signage we cover the full range of LED Scoreboard requirements, from high capacity international stadiums to schools, colleges and local sports clubs. These are two entirely different corners of the market, but both benefit from the exceptional picture quality of our units, whether it's a small digit based scorecard or a large scale electronic video screen that must offer a viable viewing angle to thousands of spectators.

We recognise the subtle differences in the scoreboards needed for each sport - from football and athletics to rugby and cricket - and consequently are adept at advising clients on the right specifications for their LED display, with spectator experience always our number one priority.

Our LED scoreboard range varies in its input methodology, from manually entered to displays that are automatically linked to a timer or finishing line, as is often the case in track and field events, as well as swimming.

Because of the non-reflective glass in the units we provide, as well as their brightness, our LED scoreboards are suitable for either outdoor or indoor use, making them viable for indoor arenas, leisure centres and sports clubs, as well as outdoor complexes such as stadiums, race courses and motor sport raceways.

Our range includes a variety of stadium banners, which facilitate LED video displays for perimeter advertisements around sports pitches, offering an excellent level of clarity and co-ordination between separate units. For stadiums which require video display screens for live replays and messages, our large format LED video display screens are full colour and provide exceptional viewing quality for a wide number of audience angles in multiple stands.