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Health & Safety Signs

By law, every business must display safety signs to clearly notify employees, visitors and members of the public about hazards they may encounter on the premises, and to protect them against potential danger. Legislation and safety guidelines will vary according to industry, but using appropriate safety signage is an important part of enforcing health and safety regulations in any workplace.

Health and Safety Sign Suppliers

All businesses will require safety signage to some degree. This may include cautionary signs, such as hot water warnings above taps to prevent burns, fire exit signs to direct the public to the nearest exits, and toilet signs. Other safety signs are more specific to certain types of business. For instance, retailers may require safety signs instructing customers about the correct use of escalators, whereas construction sites will display cautionary signs warning children and other unauthorised persons against entering in order to prevent injury. They will also have signs outlining health and safety requirements, such as 'Safety helmets must be worn'.


You need to implement safety signage as soon as possible to ensure your business meets the necessary health and safety regulations. Call us today to find out how we could help you.