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Exhibition Stands

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When your firm has made the decision to show at an exhibition, costly in terms of time and outlay, the top priority must be looking your best to many thousands of people passing by, some of whom you want as new customers. The right stand will make you really stand out from the crowd.



Portable display stands can be used for anything from highlighting certain products or services as part of a stand at an exhibition to product testing at supermarkets and other places. They can be foldable or expandable, taking up as little space as possible when not in use but proving highly effective and impactful when they are.


Portable display stands are also flexible in their use, and can be employed for a range of events outside of exhibitions.


At Complete Signage, we can design and make portable display stands for your firm depending on your vision and desires. They will be a valuable part of your marketing arsenal, helping to ensure that you’re noticed by people in search of what you have.

Give your products and services a boost with a well-designed portable display stand that will attract customers and increase sales.



Towering and monumental, these stands really set firms apart from one another, and can almost be like entire premises in their own right. They can be as simple as a large wall backdrop or highly intricate in design, with all manner of elements, including seating and presentation areas, creating a stunning display that wows visitors.


It's one way of ensuring that you get the attention you deserve at a packed exhibition, which is why you're there in the first place: to get noticed.


Talk to us at Complete Signage about how you'd like your firm presented at your next exhibition and we'll create something you'll be proud of – and that will boost your business, in terms of image and profitability.



Create a stand that is perfectly unique to your company, with 3D designs that can be reconfigured for future uses and are therefore more cost-effective. They can also be used to alter custom designs, and will give your firm an edge over others at exhibitions, attracting potential new clients over.


At Complete Signage, we can take your vision and turn it into 3D images so you can see how it will look. When you’re preparing for subsequent exhibitions, our design team can suggest alterations to make it the best fit, visually as well as physically, for the space that you have. This saves you time and costs in ordering additional displays, and you have the same exclusive look each time.


Set yourself apart from others with a spectacular and custom-made stand for your business, using the best in 3D design and technology.