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Window Displays

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Whether your retail operation is on the high street or in a shopping centre, the key to staying in business is getting customers through the door. The most basic way of doing that is with effective window displays that entice people in.


Light panel displays are a great way of showcasing a product, such as a major property for sale at an estate agent's, or service as they attract attention with their vibrant display and invite passersby to look. A number of them placed side by side will prove an effective window billboard to the world.


For the maximum possible use of your valuable window advertising space, choose from our range of rotating window displays. You'll be able to promote multiple products and services in the window, thereby maximising sales opportunities.


Especially for estate agents, is our range of effective signs that showcase their properties in the best possible way. People have to see your properties in order to be interested in buying them, so make sure yours are shown in the best possible light. Talk to us today and we will advise on the best window displays for your estate agency.


Other types of window promotions include cable and rod displays, which allow retail firms to make as much use of their window advertising space as possible. Our digital media players are a potent advertising vehicle that are placed in windows and can show video or still images as well as text. Free-standing window displays are another good option, and the advertising material in them can easily be changed.