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Sign Installation

Our teams of sign installers operate 24/7 they come with fully equipped vans to take on any sign installation, they also have all qualifications necessary to complete any task, these include NVQ, Pasma, IPAF, CSCS, Street Works etc.

Sign Installation

Sign Installation

Sign Installation can be a tricky and complex affair, as many are destined to be situated high up, on top of a building or high on its side. You need signage in the most impactful place to get the maximum benefit, and that usually means in places that are difficult to reach.

That's why an expert team of sign fitters / engineers is called for. We have the right people to do the job right, no matter where it is. Our teams of sign installers have achieved a national diploma/NVQ in sign making and installation and are also certified with Pasma for erecting towers, IPAF for mobile elevated platforms and CSCS for construction skills and health and safety. We have vehicles fully equipt with BOSS towers and tools that are necessary to install a sign properly and safely and make sure it stays in place – after all, in our frequently windy nation, signs that have been blown down are a common enough sight.

Great expertise is required when installing various types of signage, in particular illuminated signs that could be filled with gas and glass. This type of signage has long been popular among businesses as it gives great effects at night-time, but installing it calls for special attention and care. We have the expertise to handle the installation of any sign, anywhere, no matter how challenging the job may seem.

Installed the right way, your company’s signs will be your crowning glory for many years to come.


Sign Maintenance

A dirty, damaged or broken sign gives the worst possible impression of a company or organisation. On a fundamental level, it almost subliminally portrays a firm as being sloppy and unprofessional, indifferent to their image, perhaps even badly run.

Don't let that happen to your company. Make sure your prime advertising areas, your signs, are in top condition at all times. That means regular maintenance to ensure they're in perfect working order as well as in position.

At Complete Signage, as part of our overall sign management service, we can maintain your company's signs so that they're in peak condition at all times. We carry out regular inspection and evaluation of our clients' signs to check for any damage or build-up of dirt or residue that needs attention.

Like everything, signs have a lifespan, and after a while they start to degrade and are in need of replacing, or parts of them at least. This can be due to colour-fading because of exposure to the sun or general wearing out of components, such as glass in neon signs, and materials. We can appraise the current condition of signs and advise if they need replacing.

You want your signs to look the best at all times, as they encapsulate your business in one or more words, and so they must be kept clean and repaired if necessary. If the sign on your premises is dirty, for example, it will present a negative image of the company.

External signs can often be damaged as they are exposed to the elements, which in the UK can often be harsh and damaging, such as ferocious storms. If your sign is damaged, it may need to be repaired or even replaced. Complete Signage is on hand to do any such work when necessary.

We can carry out periodic inspections of your signage to advise what, if anything, needs to be done.