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Directional & Way-Finding Signs

Way Finding and Directional Signs

Indoor Directional Signs

For large companies and organisations with many sections and departments, proper directional signage is vital in ensuring the staff and visitors don’t get lost and confused, and turn up in the wrong place. It’s also essential – as well as required by law – for the health and safety aspects of your building, such as pointing towards exits and fire escapes.

way-finding/directional signage is also required to show the way to various facilities, such as toilets and cafeterias. Where’s the stairs, or the lifts? Look at the signs. Without them, we’d be lost.

Complete Signage has a range of directional signs fit for almost any purpose inside a commercial building, and if there’s something we don’t have, tell us and we’ll design and make it just for you.


Outdoor directional signs

Directional sign

Well positioned outdoor directional signs are the simplest and most effective way of giving visitors to your site the kind of information they are looking for. How frustrating is it to drive around a business park, campus, or other type of facility, where there are no outdoor directional signs with clear and concise information about where things are? Not only is it annoying for potential customers who are trying to find you, it can be bad for business if people give up and look elsewhere.

Way-finding outdoor directional signs are also used to show people where facilities, such as toilets, cafeterias, and waste facilities, are. Depending on the type of premises, you may also be required to display outdoor signs pointing to emergency exits, mustering points, or warning visitors of any potential on-site hazards or risks. To be effective, outdoor directional signs need to be easy to read and understood, be easily seen, and able to function in all sorts of weather, without fading or deteriorating.

Here at Complete Signage, we design a wide range of outdoor directional signs for businesses, visitor centres and campuses that help to communicate all sorts of important information to visitors, making it easy for them to navigate their way around, whether on foot or behind the wheel of a vehicle. Check out our complete range of signs or if you want something a bit different, we can design and manufacture outdoor signs to meet your requirements, in the shape, colour and size that you need. Need help choosing? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call!